Barrow Training


Welcome to Your Exclusive Training with Escape Barrow Creator, Pete Holman.

Thank you for purchasing your Escape Barrow! We greatly appreciate working with you, so in turn, we’ve partnered with Pete Holman to bring to you an exclusive video that only you can access.

In this 20-minute video, Pete walks you through the exercises that target different parts of your body including:

  • The genesis of the product.
  • Why Loaded Carries are so important.
  • Benefits of Sled Pushes.
  • 5 Foundational exercises.
  • 5 ‘Game Changing’ exercises.
  • Basic Strength and HIT programming.

We hope that you find this exclusive training and workout challenge helpful. Enjoy using the Escape Barrow, and all that it has to offer!

Play Video
Play Video

Social Assets.

Please download the assets below that we’ve created to announce that the Escape Barrow is available at your facility. Feel free to share these on your social media, and make sure to tag us @escapefitness.