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Weight Tree.

Keep your Escape plates in great shape. This Weight Tree has impressive capacity from a small footprint and complements the aesthetics of our other storage solutions and Octagon frames.

Weight Tree.
$860.00 Exc. TAX
Purchase offline
Weight Tree.
$860.00 Exc. TAX
Purchase offline

Handcrafted in Great Britain with the same high-grade European steel that underpins the safety, quality and durability of every Escape frame, the Octagon Weight Tree can store up to 236lbs of equipment.

Keep any plate safe, from Olympic heavy weights to fractional plates that help members achieve their best lifts. Complementing the aesthetics of any Escape Octagon frame, the freestanding Weight Tree also uses the same finish.

With so much weight in such a tiny footprint, the Octagon Weight Tree offers practicality for plates across the Escape range.

Size 48" x 13¾ x 39¼. Weight 236lbs.

Plates sold separately.

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