The VERTBALL has been specifically designed for throwing – to a partner or against a wall. Because it’s oversized (with a diameter of 14") it works muscles from the feet right up to the hands, and develops coordination, balance acceleration and deceleration.
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6.6lb VERTBALL (Green). VERT03
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8.8lb VERTBALL (Blue). VERT04
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11lb VERTBALL (Red). VERT05
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The oversized design (diameter of 14") encourages correct posture, keeping the core engaged.

Outer material is synthetic leather with rubber granule filling to ensure ball does not break down over time.

Vibrant colours for instant appeal.

Soft outer skin is constructed from 26 individually stitched leather panels to ensure the ball maintains its shape and flies straight.

VERT03: 6.6lb (Green).
VERT04: 8.8lb (Blue).
VERT05: 11lb (Red).
VERT06: 13.2lb (Grey).
VERT07: 15.4lb (Black).
VERT08: 17.6lb (Green).
VERT09: 19.8lb (Blue).
VERT10: 22lb (Red).

Medball Training Workshop.

Why take this workshop? We’ve created this workshop to let you experience the fun, dynamic training methods you can experience using medicine balls. Power training is often left for the elite athletes and can be missed out in general fitness programmes.

We recognise the importance of power training in all workout regimes and with this workshop we’ll show you how applicable it is for everyone. If you want to develop balance, coordination, agility and speed, incorporating medicine balls into your power training is a fun and innovative strategy to achieve it.

Escape Fitness have an outstanding range of medicine balls for a variety of uses. Their designs cater for particular needs of the athlete and the various ball designs offer themselves as a staple in power, core and balance workouts. This workshop will help you understand the importance of using medicine balls in the correct manner for this type of training and covers a series of great exercises for individuals and partners, which will transform the way you train.

The Benefits.

  • Learn what power is, how to develop it and the benefits of training powerfully.
  • Establish the best strategies for developing good coordination and balance to help improve overall proprioception and make learning new exercises easier.
  • Discover simple methods to increase trainer/client interaction, keeping members engaged and motivated.
  • Be able to prepare and incorporate new methods to introduce to your small group training classes, which are easy to implement and great fun for members.
  • Understand the critical consideration points when introducing this form of training to ensure it is implemented with minimum injury risk and maximum results.