TIYR Sport.

Building on the popularity of the original TIYR, the smaller TIYR Sport allows you to enhance any functional training workout with exercise variety and experience through accessibility. It’s a striking training tool in any fitness space.


Topped with a lacquered PVC, it’s easy to clean and benefits from an anti-slip inner and bottom for safety and ease of use. Eco friendly, the TIYR Sport is made from recycled foam composite and the whole thing is recyclable.

Outside Diameter: 23.3". Inside Diameter: 16.7". Height: 6.9". Weight: 22lb.

Re-engage members with exciting workout and programme opportunities. Be creative! Allow two people to work simultaneously – or combine with other equipment like power bands, straps and a battle rope – for dynamic and challenging exercises.

TIYR Sport Training Workshop.

We've designed this training workshop to help you get the best results for your members when using the TIYR Sport. This workshop will show you a range of great exercises you can teach your clients and members.

We've also included some great challenges to promote user engagement, both with you as a trainer and with other health club users. Upon completion of this workshop you will possess all the necessary training experience to deliver TIYR Sport exercises and workouts to your clients.

The Benefits.

  • Revolutionise the way you deliver strength training in your clients’ sessions.
  • Learn the essential TIYR Sport exercises that make this the perfect tool for all members.
  • Discover the dynamism of the TIYR Sport and how it can work all the major muscle groups in the body.
  • Add a repertoire of excellent partner–based exercises to increase the engagement with your clients.
  • Enhance your knowledge of training and have more engaging methods to train your clients.
  • Get exciting ways to implement the TIYR Sport into group training and PT sessions.
  • Establish how to teach the exercises safely and effectively for the best results.
  • Learn how to get more clients and increase your PT business through our brilliant TIYR Sport training challenges.
  • Help your members get faster, more effective results whilst having fun in their training sessions.
  • Give your clients the chance to move and play in their training sessions.