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    Reaction Pro Bounder.

    The Reaction Pro Bounder offers a station for improving reactions, hand-eye coordination and proprioceptive awareness. These qualities all help in developing well-rounded athletes who are able to tackle physical challenges with confidence and success.

    Reaction Pro Bounder
    SKU: RPB001
    $1,125.00 Exc. TAX
    Purchase offline
    Reaction Pro Bounder
    SKU: RPB001
    $1,125.00 Exc. TAX
    Purchase offline

    The Reaction Pro Bounder is made from mild steel, giving it a strong and stable base that’s light enough to move around the gym. The mesh mat is made from strong polyethylene that will withstand repeated use, and is easy to clean.

    The angle of the Reaction Pro Bounder can be set at 33°, 45°, 55° and 60°. This range of angles makes it easy to create variety and properly develop hand-eye coordination, reaction times and accuracy.

    Incorporate the Reaction Pro Bounder into circuit sessions, or develop programming using the Reaction Pro Bounder as the central focus in the workout. For great results, use the VERTMINI or the Total Grip Medball with this product.

    Size: 28" x 32" x 37" – frame only.
    Size: 37½" x 35½" – overall size laid at flattest position.

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