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    Fitness Pack.

    Maximum versatility is the objective of this pack, which has been specially created for unsupervised workouts. With the Escape Your Limits App as their guide, users can work through a series of exercises and workouts to make the most of the versatility from this selection of six training tools.

    Fitness Pack.
    $2,325.00 Exc. TAX
    Purchase offline
    Fitness Pack.
    $2,325.00 Exc. TAX
    Purchase offline

    RACK5 and Mat Attachment.
    3 x Ridge Rollers.
    6 x Core Mats.
    2 x 2 lbs and 9 lbs Total Grip Medballs.
    2 x 4 lbs, 9 lbs and 13 lbs GRIPRs.
    11 lbs and 22 lbs Corebags.
    2 x 16 lbs, 24 lbs and 32 lbs Studio Kettlebells.

    Size: 73" x 23½" x 27½". Weight: 165 lbs.

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