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Durable, cushioned flooring for balance exercises, light dumbbell workouts and strength training.

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Escape fitness Flexi-Hard.



    Designed for PT and functional training areas. The tiles can be interlocked in minutes and don’t need to be fixed to the floor.

    Ideal for balance and lightweight exercises with free weights up to a maximum of 44 lbs. For heavier weights we would recommend Flexi-Tuf.

    A good base support with an element of cushioning.

    MAT510 - Size: 39” x 39” x ¾”.
    MAT511 - Size: 39” x 7¼” x ¾”.
    MAT512 - Size: 7¼” x 7¼” x ¾”.

    Price is per tile and does not include fitting.

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    Full details of the order will be confirmed and payment taken by telephone.

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