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    Uppercut Pro Punchbag.

    Our Uppercut Pro Punchbag has had a makeover but it’s still as tough as ever. This 3-in-1 bag means users can simultaneously work on punching technique, hand-eye coordination and perfecting those all-important uppercuts.

    Uppercut Pro Punchbag.
    $250.00 Exc. TAX
    Purchase offline
    Uppercut Pro Punchbag.
    $250.00 Exc. TAX
    Purchase offline

    Precise construction and tough materials ensure this bag won’t split or break down with use.

    The oversized design of this 3-in-1 bag offers the ultimate destination to practise a variety of punches. It can be included in functional circuits for conditioning or with serious boxers to work on a variety of techniques at a single punchbag station.

    Team the Uppercut Pro Punchbag with either the Pro or Focus Pro Punchbag to provide members with everything they need to get the most out of their boxing-style training sessions.

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    Size: 20" x 41". Weight 81 lbs.

    Punchbag Swivel and Chains are available, please call for details.

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