Lift, carry, throw and slam – the instability in this bag makes it a functional challenge for any user. The Escape Sandbag is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that delivers a full functional training experience. It is perfect for introducing lifting technique training and is ideal for small group training.
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22lbs Sandbag (Green). SBAG10V2
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33lbs Sandbag (Blue). SBAG15V2
44lbs Sandbag (Red). SBAG20V2
66lbs Sandbag (Grey). SBAG30V2
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88lbs Sandbag (Black). SBAG40V2
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Our extra-tough, durable Sandbags feature double-stitched, reinforced grab handles, which allow the bag to be lifted, thrown and caught with one or two hands.

SBAG10V2: 22lbs (Green).
SBAG15V2: 33lbs (Blue).
SBAG20V2: 44lbs (Red).
SBAG30V2: 66lbs (Grey).
SBAG40V2: 88lbs (Black).

Sandbag Training Workshop.

The Escape Sandbag is an unconventional training tool that always keeps the user guessing. Its inner movement means clients have to control the bag and their body during exercises. We have created this sandbag training workshop to help trainers learn about the huge variety of exercises available and how they relate to your training goals.

The Sandbag is a functional free weight that can be used to perform any number of different exercises. There are a variety of unique exercises that are dynamic, integrated, multi planar movements and can develop great upper body, trunk and torso functional strength. It is the integration across the whole kinetic chain that makes this tool and the exercises very beneficial for the client.

The Benefits.

  • Understand the unique benefits the Sandbag has to offer.
  • Learn how to properly execute the various challenging exercises with the Escape Sandbag.
  • Learn how to combine the movements into intense circuits for PT or group training.
  • Learn how to use the Sandbag for fundamental movement training.