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    Create a stand-out functional
    space with STRONGBOX

    The futuristic look of this revolutionary, all-in-one workout station appeals to design-conscious gyms and home users looking for everything to hand in one piece of equipment – whether for group x or individual workouts. The STRONGBOX can help create a stand-out functional space that entices and engages members. An all-in-one training bench, plyo platform and equipment storage unit, this next generation of Escape’s B-BOX also features six adjustable levels (0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 80°) to the bench, and an ergonomic design for comfort.

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    Complete with three storage shelves and a compartment for products like GRIPRs, resistance tubes, kettlebells, med balls, or even mobile phones, the STRONGBOX puts all your equipment to hand for quick transitions in workouts and maximal ROI on floor space.

    The integrated ABS plastic covers on the rack shelving protect and store up to six pairs of Escape dumbbells:

    SBX Dumbbells (05lbs-30lbs or 10lbs-35lbs).
    Urethane Dumbbells (05lbs-30lbs or 10lbs-35lbs).
    PU Edge (10lbs-35lbs).


    The octagon shaped seat and back rest pads allow naturally positioned 90 degree lower leg clearance when laying horizontal and upper and lower arm clearances for exercises in the horizontal and inclined positions, together with clear access to the underlying free weights.


    The bench is constructed in high-grade steel, with foam filled pads covered in synthetic leather.
    Length: 51½", Width: 20¼", Depth: 20½", Weight: 199 lbs.

    Patent Pending: 1901429.9

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    We hope you are enjoying the Escape Fitness STRONGBOX. If you still have any questions, please complete the form or call us on 614 706 4462.