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About the Multiplyo.

We've taken the great idea of a 3-in-1 plyo box and given it the Escape Fitness treatment. Made to the same dimensions as the boxes used for CrossFit, this great space-saving box is the perfect tool to introduce beginners to plyometrics, while still providing seasoned CrossFitters with the challenge they need.

The Multiplyo® uses the same material as the Plyosoft Box® to create a sturdy platform for jumping on and off, while still maintaining its shape.

This single unit is a great space saving design for users looking to perform plyometric workouts without the luxury of space.

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The Multiplyo is a cleverly designed single unit that gives users three different heights for plyometric exercises. The vibrant colours on each side help users easily identify which way up the box needs to be positioned in order to let them jump the required height.



An easy-to-clean GTEX cover is securely heat welded over a foam core to avoid creasing or loose material. It's fastened with Velcro, an upgrade from the zip we used previously to provide extra durability. Anti-slip landing zones are on all six sides, and it's designed so that it won't move when in use.

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