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    Step and Riser Platform.

    About the Step and Riser.

    The STEP and RISER revolutionize step classes, opening up new opportunities for creative programing that brings more people than ever into the studio.

    It's a two-product platform solution, with both STEP and RISER working as independent stepping platforms or together for multiple configuration options. Instructors now have a system around which they can develop and deliver multi-planar, three dimensional workouts that embrace step, plyometric, resistance and bodyweight exercises.

    The solution grew from the increasing success of exciting group exercise experiences. The growing popularity of this sector, combined with a lack of product innovation within it, led Escape Fitness to take on the challenge of creating a cornerstone step-based product for the group exercise space.

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    Eye-catching colors bring this studio favorite right up to date, with anatomic targets on the top mats for precise workouts. A unique locking system means that RISERs fit securely inside STEPs in any configuration, and doubles up as a way to lock units together for carrying and stacking at the end of workouts.



    Both platforms are made from polypropylene that's strong yet allows a little give for superb feel. It's also light enough to ensure excellent portability. The top mats and stabilising blocks are made from anti-slip thermoplastic rubber, so even the fastest moves can be performed safely and confidently.

    Length: 42"; Width: 17½";
    Height: 4"; Weight: 13.7 lbs.


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    Take the stepping scene up to the next level with the Escape RISER. Not only can it be used to increase the height of the STEP platform, but it can be used as a stepping platform in its own right. Wide enough to step on, but narrow enough to straddle the RISER can be used to create dynamic and dimensional workouts that get the user moving in all planes of motion.

    Length: 17".
    Width: 17".
    Height: 4".
    Weight: 4.1 lbs.

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    We hope you are enjoying the Escape Step & Riser System. If you still have any questions, please complete the form or call us on 614 706 4462.