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Why choose Escape Training?

Welcome to Escape Training, offering our range of learning and development options to give you the ability to maximise your investment in Escape and our products. We believe in creating the very best learning experience for our customers through face-to-face training, online learning and continual support. We have created a tiered education system to provide our customers with all of the knowledge and help they require. 

With our ever-changing industry and evolving exercise trends it is becoming more important than ever to ensure your members get the most engaging training experience and the very best results; in order to guarantee effective implementation of products or programmes, education is essential.

The industry currently faces huge challenges with customers wanting more from their membership: better equipment, dynamic variety, more fun and fast results. To truly achieve success in this market place, education should be at the forefront of any health club owner’s mind. Without a knowledgeable team to implement your vision, the investments you make can often be wasted ones.

We have created the Escape Training education system to support our customers and ensure that their customers receive the experience they expect from their health club.

Investing in top quality education will help you overcome the challenges faced by so many health clubs right now and truly drive your PT and Group Training forward.



  •  Have you struggled to retain the best staff?
  •  Are your members always doing the same workout routine, getting bored, or just not coming back?
  •  Are you having trouble retaining members, is the gym down the road offering something new
     and more exciting?

All club owners face these challenges. To help you overcome them, Escape Training can dramatically improve the member experience by introducing new training methods, increasing interaction between staff and members and up-skilling your team to help achieve great member results.

  •  Knowledgeable trainers improve your members' experience.
  •  Up-skilling trainers ensures the products you've invested in will be used properly.
  •  Immediately increase the training teams' passion and energy for the product.
  •  Safely implement new products into the gym environment.
  •  Introduce new concepts and programmes with greater levels of success.



  •  Have your training sessions started to become all the same?
  •  Are you having problems differentiating yourself from the other trainers in the club?
  •  Are you lost in the minefield of options and methods for functional training?
  •  Are you looking for programmes and exercises that achieve great results?

As a Personal Trainer, you are constantly in a competition to be the best and stand out. You’re always trying to win over that potential new client and achieve financial and professional security for your future in the industry that you love.

Escape Training’s innovative education options are at the forefront of the fitness industry and strive to be at the tip of the spear. Just like you do in your business. So if you want the best up-to-date training skills and knowledge, try the Escape Training experience to evolve, develop and excel.

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