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Why take this workshop? We’ve designed this training workshop to help you get the best results for your members when using the TIYR®.

The TIYR is an exciting and dynamic training product that looks good and will draw clients towards you. This workshop will show you a range of great exercises you can teach your clients and members. We’ve also included some great challenges to promote user engagement both with you as a trainer, or with other health club users. Upon completion of this workshop you will possess all the necessary training experience to deliver TIYR exercises and workouts to your clients.

  • Tired of searching for equipment that delivers great strength training results whilst being fun and engaging for clients of all ages?
  • Clients avoiding heavy lifting as they’re worried about gaining too much noticeable muscle?
  • Need to introduce strength training to cardio-obsessed female clients, who do not have confidence in their own ability?
  • Are some of your more advanced or regular clients finding their strength sessions boring, monotonous or too simple?

This is why we created the TIYR. An innovative, unconventional strength training tool that is great for all ages, shapes and fitness levels. It is the perfect tool to overcome some of the blocking issues and preconceptions clients have about strength training. The TIYR allows them to reap all the benefits of strength training whilst still enjoying their sessions to the maximum.

Our customers are always asking us how to break down the barriers that repel so many women from free weights. We’ve come up with the ideal solution and we want you to realise the potential of TIYR training by taking you through a journey of discovery on this two-hour workshop.

A lack of testosterone means muscle cannot naturally develop in females in the same way male clients would expect to see, particularly from cardio training alone. That’s where the TIYR can help. Our research has shown that female clients felt more comfortable working out with the TIYR than with traditional free weights. This has lead us to create a unique system of strength training using the TIYR that will break down those barriers and allow both women and men to get all the benefits strength training has to offer.


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By completing this workshop you will:

  •  Revolutionise the way you deliver strength training in your client’s sessions.
  •  Learn the essential TIYR exercises that make this the perfect tool for all members.
  •  Discover the dynamism of the TIYR and how it can work all the major muscle groups in the body.
  •  Add a repertoire of excellent partner based exercises to increase the engagement with your clients.
  •  Enhance your knowledge of training and have more engaging methods to train your clients.
  •  Get exciting ways to implement the TIYR into group training and PT sessions.
  •  Establish how to teach the exercises safely and effectively for the best results.
  •  Learn how to get more clients and increase your PT business through our brilliant TIYR training challenges.
  •  Help your members get faster, more effective results whilst having fun in their training sessions.




Delivery format: Two hours in-club workshop OR via online self-study.
REPs points: 2
CEU points: 0.2
Assessment: Online (for in-club and online delivery formats).

Participants receive a certificate of attendance online once completed.

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