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The Escape Sandbag is an unconventional training tool that always keeps the user guessing. Its inner movement means clients have to control the bag and their body during exercises. We have created this sandbag training workshop to help trainers learn about the huge variety of exercises available and how they relate to your training goals.

The Sandbag is a functional free weight that can be used to perform any number of different exercises. There are a variety of unique exercises that are dynamic, integrated, multi planar movements and can develop great upper body, trunk and torso functional strength. It is the integration across the whole kinetic chain that makes this tool and the exercises very beneficial for the client.

This product is a great conditioning tool for a personal trainer who needs something compact that achieves various fitness goals. It is easy to get started with the Sandbag but it still has plenty of progression to challenge clients as they develop.

  • Are you looking for an effective product that’s perfect for multi-plane movement?
  • Have you used sandbags before but got bored with the basics?
  • Do you need a product you can take anywhere and perform a variety of different workout styles?
  • Have you been looking for a versatile training tool that achieves a variety of fitness goals?

This product is already hugely popular in the fitness industry, but without gaining complete knowledge of the training methods, users cannot use it to its full potential. Complex, dynamic exercises can be very challenging to perform and difficult to teach. This workshop shows you how to perform them properly so you can deliver a quality PT or group session.


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  •  Understand the unique benefits the Sandbag has to offer.
  •  Learn how to properly execute the various challenging exercises with the Escape Sandbag.
  •  Learn how to combine the movements into intense circuits for PT or group training.
  •  Learn how to use the Sandbag for fundamental movement training.




Delivery format: Two hours in-club workshop OR via online self-study.
REPs points: 2
CEU points: 0.2
Assessment: Online (for in-club and online delivery formats).

Participants receive a certificate of attendance online once completed.

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