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Product Training Workshops.

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Product Training Workshops are designed to give customers a better understanding of Escape Fitness products, whilst developing their skills and knowledge.

These REPs accredited workshops are cost effective, yet full of information that will enhance any trainer’s ability to run one-to-one and group sessions with clients.

The workshops are available in two formats:

1. In-person training within your club, backed up by online resources.
Each workshop lasts two hours and your club would purchase three or four workshops (covering different products) to run on the same day. This training would be delivered to a group of your club’s trainers, with a maximum group size of ten. The participants would also get access to online support material, including a library of specially-filmed exercise videos and a comprehensive course manual.

2. Online training.
For clubs that have smaller numbers of trainers (where running a group workshop would be impractical) we offer online delivery. This is also ideal for self-employed trainers. The online programme gives you access to all of the support materials mentioned above. This means you can learn at your own pace from home or wherever you have internet access. 

For both delivery formats, there is also an online assessment. Successful completion of the workshop and the assessment leads to two hours of REPs points, with a certificate as evidence of completion.

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Comprehensive information packed into very workshop.

We've packed a lot into these workshops. Each one covers a wealth of information, including the following:

  •  Key movements and exercises to perform with the product.
  •  Useful teaching points for the exercises.
  •  How to increase member interaction with the product.
  •  How to improve member experience with the training method.
  •  Health and safety aspects when using the equipment.
  •  Uses of the training tools, including dos and don'ts.
  •  A short product-based workout to use with members.

These are the perfect workshops to empower a training team to deliver exciting training sessions to their clients. These workshops also ensure that club owners purchasing the equipment can enable their trainers to teach safe use of it and maintain it correctly.

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