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Sheffield, UK.


Fitness entrepreneur, Kevin Yates, has enjoyed a successful relationship with Escape Fitness for over a decade, taking in projects at Fitness First, 1Rebel and Esporta. Kevin knows that, whatever design aesthetic, training layout or concept he wants, Escape can deliver.

TRIB3 is Kevin’s newest venture – a dedicated bootcamp gym in Sheffield. It’s a vibrant training environment with a big focus on the collective experience: members push harder and “sweat as one”. The feel of the studio isn’t just high end, it’s distinctive. TRIB3 has been kitted out with all natural materials and carefully chosen pieces sourced from local antique shops. These include the heavy barn doors that members walk through to get to the gym, and even some old boxing spit buckets. It all adds up to a truly unique (but authentic) environment.

With a clear sense of what they wanted to achieve, Kevin had no hesitation in calling on Escape to help him deliver an inspiring training environment. Having had a long-standing working relationship with the Escape team, Kevin knew he could rely on them to take various concepts into consideration. Indeed, the look and feel of TRIB3 is the result of a true collaboration between Kevin and his team, the award winning architect, David Cross, and Escape Fitness. Together they have created the essence of the TRIB3 experience.

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The Escape team worked hard to make the most of the space. They were keen not to overcomplicate it, preferring to put the emphasis on a carefully curated equipment inventory that would be enjoyed by their target audience. In particular, Kevin wanted to simplify workouts, putting the emphasis squarely on the experience.

He knew he could rely on Escape to work with him to create this minimal environment; they weren’t simply out to sell as much product as possible. In particular, TRIB3 wanted to deliver a range of products and a level of service that would satisfy the millennials market they were starting to attract, and knew that Escape were already tuned in to that demographic.

Kevin said, “They are industry experts, not just in product, but in terms of space and design. Add to that they eye-catching concepts and you have a winning formula.” The equipment list included Kettlebells, Medicine Balls and Octagon Dumbbells. (TRIB3 specifically wanted dumbbells that wouldn’t roll away!) To fit in with the bespoke feel, Escape also worked with TRIB3 to create a customised grapple stand-up boxing bag which is being unveiled in Winter 2016.

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One of the key ingredients in this relationship was restraint. Escape didn’t inundate TRIB3 with equipment. Instead they recommended core pieces that would streamline workouts. Kevin knew that the Escape team could create a gym space that complemented their vision. Escape delivered the “eye-catching designs” Kevin wanted. But it wasn’t just about the aesthetics...

Kevin relied on Escape for a training space that created interest, inspired people to join, and delivered bottom line results. The TRIB3 team appreciates that it isn’t just what your club looks like or how good the equipment is; the club has to be viable. It needs to deliver results. That’s the only way that a club can go on investing in superior-grade equipment and exceptional facilities for their members.

Having worked together for fifteen years, Kevin understands that Escape can deliver on the bottom line results as well as delivering the sexy club aesthetic that clients notice, and the superior functional fitness equipment that elevates a club’s reputation. From very early on, feedback from TRIB3’s clients has been “unbelievable”. An objective level of the success of the club is its Net Promoter Score (a key indicator of growth as well as client satisfaction), which, at the time of writing is over 68. That puts it in line with the likes of Apple and American Airlines.

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"Having worked with Escape before, we knew who we wanted to work with, and we’re delighted with the results of the collaboration. This is a vibrant new club with a cool aesthetic, a millennials-focused training ethos and a one-of-a-kind approach. We’ve had unbelievable feedback; people who attend boutique studios around the country and in London say we’re up there with Barrys! That’s the best accolade you can achieve. On Facebook and other platforms, people post how good the workout and experience at TRIB3 is."

Kevin YatesCEO, TRIB3.

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