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Texas Tech University.

Lubbock, Texas, USA.


A familiar scenario for many fitness facilities is where space with a highly specialist purpose that once proved popular is now under-used, while the demand elsewhere in the facility is growing fast. That was the case for Texas Tech University in Lubbock, who felt that two of their racquetball courts could be put to better use.

The goal was to repurpose the two courts from spaces that serviced up to four people at a time into a dynamic 1,600-square-foot workout space for 30 or more. The new space would be the home for personal and group training programmes, which were rapidly outgrowing their existing areas. Just as importantly, Texas Tech wanted to add increasingly-popular functional training to their programming in order to remain a relevant and attractive fitness destination for students and staff alike.

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The Raider Escape Room, as the space is known, is geared toward small group functional training, personal training and sports conditioning. It features a 15-foot Escape Octagon Hub Training System frame, and Escape equipment including Plyosoft Boxes, Corebags, Bulgarian Bags, Core Momentum Trainers and Kettlebells. There’s also a Speed Track for sprints and use with Quad Sleds and TIYRs.

The Escape design team brought high visual impact to the Raider Escape Room by creating a colourful, dynamic place where students and staff would want to spend time. Decked in Texas Tech’s official red, black and white colours, it’s a cool, cutting edge functional fitness facility that has added an unparalleled training experience to the university’s recreation centre.

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The Raider Escape Room has achieved the goal of developing a more private, unique workout area separate from the traditional strength and cardio machines/equipment. It looks like the Raider Escape concept is set to expand at Texas Tech. Betty Blanton, Associate Director of Recreational Sports at Texas Tech, says: “We view functional fitness as a valuable piece of our fitness plan for the Texas Tech community. Personal trainers and their clients could not be happier, and we envision the Raider Escape small group training programme to continue to grow.”

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"We now have a unique space that works for personal training and small group training that’s fun and engaging, while offering students the freedom to train without disrupting weight or cardio room users."

PeeWee RobersonRec Center Director, Texas Tech University

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