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Milton Keynes, UK.


Although it’s hard to define one single thing in such a diverse space, the culture of Snap Fitness gyms is paramount. The aim is to drive results from interaction with members at all levels; not just when they sign up.

Creating spaces where members can get instruction from a fitness professional is key, whether it’s gym floor workouts or small group PT sessions and functional training classes; not just in the studio.

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The goal for Snap Fitness Milton Keynes was to create a functional area that was more than just about product or any singular draw. While it was imperative that the space benefitted from both visual excitement and areas that had functionality for members that knew exactly what they wanted to do, it needed to be that and more.

Functional training rigs and spaces can be daunting for anyone that has not used them before, and the vast range of movements you can do with the accessories is endless. Snap Fitness wanted a space that could be led by an instructor within an open but personal environment.

Not only did the space need a refreshing addition of exciting products and functional training equipment, Snap Fitness also required programming that incorporated every aspect of the installation. It was important that this programming could fit it with current timetables and was easily instructor led to maximise member appeal and convenience.

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A highlight for anyone that comes and tours the gym for the first time, Escape’s HTS frame acts as a real membership sales tool. Practical performance accessories such as a plyometric box, kettlebells, Corebags, battle ropes, TRX, Torso Trainer, medicine balls and more can be found complemented by efficient storage on the frame, while additional facilities such as suspension training and combat options courtesy of the BOA (boxing Octagon attachment) rail make for a fitness space with full workout appeal.

The main focus from a programming standpoint led by the HIIT benefits of MOVE IT, with varied, high intensity functional training that engages members of every fitness level. to achieve their fitness goals, regardless of ability.

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"We have used Escape in several locations now. They are creative, diligent and the finished product always turns heads. We like the WOW factor and the staff appreciated the program training and structure of the floor finish to assist in their classes."


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