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Carbon World Health.

Wisconsin, USA.


When a club tells people it offers ‘a complete solution for fitness, health and beauty’ it’s a big claim to live up to. But when you step into Carbon World Health in Madison, Wisconsin, you quickly realise they do exactly what they promise.

Created by a physician, spa director and elite training professional, Carbon World Health takes a holistic approach to fitness, health and beauty. Their mission is to create healthy minds and bodies, and therefore promote happiness in the lives of their clients. It’s an approach that is bringing more people the opportunity to access the kind of ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ facility that has traditionally only been available to professional athletes and Hollywood actors.

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Fitness is a key ingredient of the comprehensive lifestyle-changing philosophy clients experience at Carbon World Health. Realising that busy people are short on time but committed to achieving great results, the training programme uses a unique unlimited functional fitness system that is convenient, fun and challenging – incorporating both science and medicine.

Carbon World Health’s proven fitness methodology is a combination of WARM (movement prep), BURN (functionality and core stability), ENDURE (speed, agility and endurance), LIFT (strength and power) and FLEX (mobility and recovery). Progress along this fitness protocol is measured and tracked as members work within their own schedule with a team of highly educated fitness professionals.

Escape worked with Carbon World Health to make sure that the club has the facilities it needed in order to deliver its unique training approach. The area is kitted out with Escape equipment including:

OCTAGON HUB TRAINING SYSTEM (HTS) – a frame for suspension and bodyweight training, with space to store all kinds of functional training tools.
DECK 2.0 – the multi-purpose portable workout system that’s a step, strength training bench and more.
PLYOSOFT BOX – three boxes of different heights that can be configured in multiple ways to vary the challenge of plyometric exercises.
TIYR – get all the benefits of tractor tyre flips AND use it for steps, jumps, presses, lifts and walks, plus push/pull exercises.
COREBAG – the perfect tool for getting members into strength training, and for adding weight to lunges, squats and presses in circuit workouts.
BULGARIAN BAG – press it, spin it, squat it, lift it: the perfect partner for a full body workout.

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Escape’s functional training tools are helping members to travel along their fitness journeys, measuring and tracking progress as they work out with support from fitness professionals. Carbon World Health says that when people walk into their facility for the first time, they are in awe. Once the workouts begin, they love the experience and comfort of having their hands on Escape’s quality, high-end equipment.

Along with a fantastic spa that offers everything from facial treatments to cryotherapy, the fitness space and equipment positions Carbon World Health on the cutting-edge of health and fitness. Functional fitness is a perfect fit for the facility, as it is a powerful component in an approach which recognises that overall health and wellness are about prevention. The space is playing a big part in this, creating an environment that challenges clients to constantly improve their fitness levels and, ultimately, their health.

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"Escape equipment gives us the versatility to train everyone, from fitness beginners just starting out, to pro athletes looking for a competitive edge. Escape helps us challenge our fitness members to gently increase range of motion while decreasing pain, inflammation and stiffness. It's a complete joy to see how empowering that is for our members."

Russ BeierFitness Director, Carbon World Health

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