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Best's Bootcamp.

London, UK.


First there was Barry’s, then 1Rebel, now the newest player in London’s luxe-fitness scene has arrived... Best’s Bootcamp in Charing Cross. Best’s brings a fresh, new feel to the boutique scene. With a 360degree trainer-cam, full studio lighting, and a resident DJ mixing new music – every day – Best’s Bootcamp really ups the ante. But image isn’t everything. Lee Drabble and the Best’s team have worked hard to combine that premium look and feel with an approach that makes the most of the available space.

With an emphasis on whole body training, Best’s Bootcamp pushes members through all three planes of motion. It’s a great blueprint for effective functional training sessions that target individual members’ specific personal training goals.

Best’s Bootcamp guarantees a client-focussed experience. For example, their innovative Instructor Cam gives clients a 360-degree visual experience so that they can focus on technique throughout the class. It’s an innovative idea with a practical focus, and it helps ensure that every member gets full benefit out of their session.

Above all, Best’s ethos promises a highly personalised approach, with more hands-on attention than their members will receive in any other group setting. With London’s top trainers on board, Best’s Bootcamp ensures a tough but achievable workout within a high energy, motivational atmosphere.

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Scott Best and the team had a clear vision for Best’s Bootcamp, based on a stylish aesthetic that made the most of their available space. They knew that efficiency was key, and they knew that Escape Fitness could help them design and create a spectacular training environment that married form with function.

Practically, that meant that they had to introduce space-saving storage solutions to free-up enough personal space and all their equipment. Best’s wanted members to be able to reach out and grab any piece of equipment, for any class, from any floor space.

To fit in with the sleek design aesthetic of the studio, and to provide the necessary space savings, Escape installed Cross Hub racking flush to the walls for efficient storage throughout the whole studio space. It provided the capacity Best’s needed for their functional training equipment, without making the training room feel any smaller or more cramped.

The Cross Hub station sends out the right kind of message to members too. Purpose-built for heavy free weight zones, it helps show that Best’s takes their functional training zone very seriously. To kit the studio out, Best’s selected a range of Escape Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Octagon Dumbbells and Power Tubes, adding real variety to their functional training offering.

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The studio’s headline feature is the Best’s Box – a safe, progressional soft step for plyometric work on an incline and a decline. Escape took Scott Best and Lee Drabble’s initial ideas and came up with the design. It’s a customised variation on Escape’s own Plyosoft Box® and gives studio users the best possible workout experience due to the extended options and greater variety.

Best’s devise their sessions around the Best’s Box with sessions providing members with “a different balance of cardiovascular and strength training allowing you to choose the right one for your personal fitness goals.”

Clients at Best’s Bootcamp enjoy all the benefits of a boutique setting, without any compromises. The addition of efficient storage solutions and the innovation of the Instructor Cam makes functional training sessions incredibly efficient. Everyone can access the equipment they need; everyone can see and hear the personal trainer’s instructions.

Following in the footsteps of Barry’s and 1Rebel puts the pressure on Best’s to be the best. But, with help from Escape Fitness, Best’s Bootcamp is already establishing itself as one of London’s premier luxe-fitness boutiques with an ever-growing membership and fans.

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"The Best’s Box is a unique, market-leading design and it’s got a multi-dimensional purpose. Every time they use it, people come up with something new to do. We’ve all used a plyo box before, but this is in a different class. People love the different heights and the soft cushioning is a really big plus."

Lee DrabbleManaging Director

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