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Our expertise in the fitness industry has brought flooring in line with the latest gym technology. The days of bruises, broken equipment and damaged floors are a thing of the past thanks to our unique approach.

We provide flooring products and systems that offer impact reduction, have insulating properties, are slip resistant and provide plyometric benefits for your members.

With professional site surveys and the manufacturers’ very own recommended installers, we provide a total ‘concept-to-installation’ service. Our unique service gives you everything from design to a final finished solution.

You may be looking to buy new flooring for your gym, but it’s often difficult to know what to choose. Help is at hand. We offer a dedicated bespoke flooring service with expert knowledge to ensure you head in the right direction for your gym, your members and your brand. Here are our answers to the most common questions people face when selecting flooring:


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Where is it going to be used?

High impact areas for aerobics and plyometrics require impact-absorbing, injury-reducing flooring. Some of our materials absorb impact through millions of micro bubbles that adapt to the foot, reducing the risk of injury to your members and instructors.

Slips and spills occur in any fitness area, so select an easy-to-clean surface that resists spills and protects subfloors. Some floors are naturally more slip-resistant than others, but our flooring systems provide excellent surface grip and traction so exercises can be performed safely. If jumping or impact activities are required, an air floor absorbs the energy and reduces overall impact on the joints, something a laminate floor won't do.

Flooring in free-weight areas should be tough enough to cope with dropped weights while providing insulation against noise.

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What effect am I aiming for?

Flooring can set the style and mood of your gym. Warm colours like red, yellow and orange give off an intimate and cheerful feel. In addition the choice of colour can create an illusion and make a room feel physically smaller or larger.

The colour and design of your flooring is an area you can personalise and ensure it fits with your brand. You can consider logos and custom line markings to help break out your fitness zones. We offer a choice of colours to ensure your flooring is bright, appealing and creates a unique environment.


When considering flooring, it’s just as important to consider the long-term maintenance costs as it is the initial installation fee. Hardwood flooring can be very expensive to install, own and maintain compared with other solutions. Carpet tiles are a low-cost option but if they are not fit for purpose, they may become damaged along with the subfloor.


We have a dedicated team of flooring experts who offer a full site survey to offer the best advice on flooring solutions. We also provide a full professional sports and gym installation with approved contractors, allowing us to guarantee a high standard of fitting.


Warranties in sports flooring can vary from six months to five years and some are limited so it is always best to call one of our flooring specialists to discuss your needs.


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