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    Speed Track.


    A Speed Track is an excellent choice to transform both the look and functionality of your fitness space. It offers your members a dedicated area for sprints, sled work and bear crawls to add extra dynamism to workouts.

    Excellent for developing explosive power, speed and core conditioning. The Speed Track provides a destination for endless exercise options that allows members to mix up their sessions and develop exceptional functional strength. Run, crawl, flip, lunge and jump towards all your fitness goals.

    The Escape Fitness Speed Track is the ideal choice for gyms that are looking to add life and color to their gym. The four-way loop pile has a high melting point, so it wears extremely well under heavy sled loads. It's extremely low maintenance, so a Speed Track is a cost-effective solution. Available in nine different colors, you can choose the best one to reflect your brand and the tone of your facility.

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    Specification Chart.

    USE.SAQ areas, TIYRs, sled work, sprint tracks
    PRODUCT SIZE.6ft x 40ft or 6ft x 80ft
    WARRANTY.3 years
    COLORS.Range of nine colors
    INSTALLATION.Bonded - self of contractor install

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