Octagon Racks.

Get more from your fitness space with slim footprint, freestanding and easy access storage options to accommodate a range of training tools. Lower level storage means it doesn’t obstruct visibility in your gym, so you can store more without covering up brand value wall decals, windows, mirrors or views of showpiece fitness stations such as Octagon HIT HUB frames.

Available Options:

ULLDB05: 5 Pair Dumbbell Rack.
ULLDB10: 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack.
ULLDB15: 15 Pair Dumbbell Rack.
ULLDB20: 20 Pair Dumbbell Rack.

Price from:



ULLDB05 - 5 Pair Dumbbell Rack
Size: 53” x 15” x 30”. Weight: 108lb. 

ULLDB10 - 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack
Size: 78” x 15” x 30”. Weight: 130lb.

ULLDB15 - 15 Pair Dumbbell Rack
Size: 124” x 15” x 30”. Weight: 238lb.

ULLDB20 - 20 Pair Dumbbell Rack
Size: 149” x 15” x 30”. Weight: 260lb.

You can also link these racks together, expanding into any space as stand-alone units or with an Octagon frame.

Material: Carbon steel S275. Leg dimensions: 120 x 60 x 5mm (5" x 3" x 6 Gauge).

PLEASE NOTE: All Octagon storage racks are available in Anthracite Grey with black shelves.

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