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    Octagon Dumbbells.

    The Octagon Dumbbell is manufactured with high-quality SBX™ rubber, with a unique design that provides a tough, outstanding dumbbell for your free weight area. Press, lunge, row and see massive gains – these are for serious weightlifters.

    This dumbbell is inspired by the Octagon range of functional frames. Made from tough SBX rubber and with an octagonal head, the Octagon Dumbbell is ideal for any member ready for a challenge. 2.5kg increments ensure slightly larger progressions that soon add up to impressive results.

    A tough and elite dumbbell deserves storage to match. The Cross Hub has all these qualities, and can also store other strength equipment. The Horizontal Storage Rack also stores Octagon Dumbbells.

    Get the very most out of your dumbbells with the Escape Dumbbell Training Workshop. This gives your trainers all the knowledge they need to introduce dumbbell exercises to their sessions and helps the gym floor team deliver the very best member experience.

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