Re-Imagining the Fitness Industry with Midtown Athletic Clubs.

Re-Imagining the Fitness Industry with Midtown Athletic Clubs.

On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits Podcast, our guest today, Richard Earney, has over 20 years of international experience within the fitness & wellness industry.

Holding National & International club & executive operation roles within North American & European markets, he designed award winning fitness environments and implemented innovative programming experiences throughout Europe, Australasia, and North America.

Earney is currently the Head of Product for the prestigious Midtown Athletic Clubs. Throughout his 8 years there, he led the club through change management, developed a world class team, and implemented innovative programing, technology and education (Midtown U) to improve brand awareness, revenues and retention.

On this week’s episode we cover why mental health is taking over the recovery & wellness aspect of fitness, the number one reason why hiring up within a business leads to success, and the endless possibilities that technology has to positively impact the fitness industry.

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • The demographic of weightlifting shifting towards women
  • Why a fitness journey starts with mentality and confidence
  • Emphasizing the change in mental health once the pandemic hit
  • How socializing within fitness studios has evolved into a key component of keeping someone motivated
  • Why the majority of the younger population are more interested in fitness rather than drinking alcohol
  • Why hiring up within a business helps develop successful fitness trainers rather than searching for a trainer to hire
  • The fitness industry focusing more on wellness and recovery than ever before
  • How virtual reality can evolve the fitness industry and take fitness to the next level
  • Setting goals to achieve every 9 months, and how that helps a business become successful