Introducing the Escape Barrow

Introducing the Escape Barrow.

The world’s first loaded carry and sled push combo.

Designed in partnership with Pete Holman, world renowned Strength Coach and Inventor of the TRX RipTrainer & Nautilus Glute Drive, The Escape Barrow is the only easy-load, back-safe and ‘sexy as hell’ machine that combines two essential exercise modalities; the loaded carry and the sled push.

This pioneering piece of kit utilises the ‘loaded carry’, commonly known as the ‘Farmers Carry’, to target the Farm-Strong hat-trick – grip, hip and core strength, whilst also enabling a seamless, safe transition into a sled push to train power and metabolic conditioning.

Galvanized for outdoor use and durability, this piece of kit adds a new dimension to any functional training zone. Despite its small footprint and non-intimidating design, The Escape Barrow packs a punch with an impressive load capacity of 200kg/440lbs making this the perfect piece of kit for everyone, from the casual gym-goer to the toughest competitive athlete.

Delivered to market exclusively by Escape Fitness, The Escape Barrow empowers anyone to escape their limits and safely take their performance to the next level.

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