Biohacking, Psychedelics, & Physical Mastery.

Biohacking, Psychedelics, & Physical Mastery.

On this to this week’s Escape Your Limits Podcast, our guest today is a world-renowned expert with 39 years of experience in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise, kinesiology, stress management and holistic wellness. Paul Chek is the founder of the CHEK Institute where they run four advanced certification programs and provide numerous training videos and courses to students worldwide.

In partnership with his expertise, he is the author and co-author of 11 books, articles and blog posts and the host of the popular podcast: Living 4D. He is also an international presenter and consultant for organizations such as the Chicago Bulls, and the US Air Force Academy.

Today he shares with us:

  • Why biohacking is one of the biggest scams in fitness
  • Everything you need to know about psychedelics helping you find your purpose
  • And why the fitness industry isn’t as progressive as they believe they are

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • How Paul Chek is helping the environment by reducing his carbon footprint
  • How he has personally and professionally evolved in the last 20 years
  • The different types of education the CHEK Institute teaches around holistic health
  • Why biohacking is a scam into getting to know yourself
  • Why psychedelics are piquing many people’s interest
  • Why you shouldn’t use psychedelics to find your purpose in the world
  • The importance of finding your purpose, and how to maintain it
  • What the fitness industry is lacking to better impact people’s lives

Paul Chek on the Escape Your Limits podcast.