Balancing Entrepreneurship and Motherhood.

Balancing Entrepreneurship and Motherhood.

On this weeks episode of the Escape Your Limits, we interview an ex investment banker turned fitness entrepreneur, Simi Williams.

She served different roles over 5 years within Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, spanning across equity capital markets and asset management. She then worked as an Investment Professional at Helios Investment Partners, Africa’s largest private equity fund.

Desiring a change of her finance lifestyle, she wanted to pursue a career that allowed her to enjoy life while she loved what she was doing. In 2019, she founded BEYOND fitness, Africa’s first boutique fitness studio and digital platform. An entrepreneur keen to shake up the underserved African fitness industry, she focused on creating an impact in wellness, finance, technology, and inclusion spaces.

Williams gives insight into the current state of Nigeria, and why growing a business is harder now than ever, what lessons she learned from her finance background that led to her success in fitness, and how she was able to be a successful entrepreneur while handling motherhood.

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Throughout our interview, we cover:

  • Background of Lagos economically, socially, and historically.
  • How to transition from a corporate career background to a fitness entrepreneur.
  • Discussing setbacks in her personal health and how she overcame it.
  • Discovering what she is truly passionate about and turning it into a business.
  • How she built her company through lessons she learned in her career.
  • Staying positive in the midst of juggling a business and family.
  • The benefits of creating her company during a pandemic, and how it affected her personal relationships.
  • What makes her fitness studio stand out, and why people love it.
  • Transitioning into motherhood and entrepreneurism simultaneously and how she handled it.



Simi Williams on the Escape Your Limits podcast.

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