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    Heavy Duty Wall Bracket.

    This heavy-duty wall bracket with integrated swivel has been designed for use with bags up to 143 lbs. The heavy-steel support frame reduces vibration. To optimize bracket performance it must be used with the shock spring supplied.

    Heavy Duty Wall Bracket.
    SKU: BBK20510
    $340.00 Exc. TAX
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    Heavy Duty Wall Bracket.
    SKU: BBK20510
    $340.00 Exc. TAX
    Purchase offline

    The swivel mechanism is essential to the experience of using the Speed Ball: ours is precision engineered using high quality precision thrust and roller bearings.

    Changing the height of the platform is easy, so it can be quickly set at the optimum position for each user.

    Hitting a speedball requires a different technique to punchbag work. The hands will be in a more open position and kept close to the ball in order to generate more speed.

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    Size: 41.1" x 23" x 34".

    Chain not included
    Professional installation required

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