Younique Lifestyle, Netherlands.

Creating a Younique lifestyle training experience.

Younique Lifestyle was born out of the demand from employers to support employees in the pursuit of health, happiness and wellbeing. As part of this ambition, a comprehensive lifestyle concept was been created which includes the design and build of a dedicated on-site gym, nestled in a bustling industrial area.

Built upon 5 pillars of wellbeing: Live, Eat, Trade, Work, and Relax the unique concept empowers employees to achieve balance through education and support that enables them to make lifestyle choices that positively impact their health. Every individual has access to experts who can work with them to develop a personalized lifestyle plan which includes exercises and workout schedules to drive physical and mental wellbeing.

The project.

Younique Lifestyle had a bold vision to establish a 24/7 accessible environment that seamlessly integrates functional training into the daily lives of employees.

The facility needed to embody the brand’s commitment to excellence and offer customized solutions for every individual. To realize the vision, it was important to integrate best-in-class equipment that provides flexibility to create limitless training experiences, suited to a wide range of needs, abilities and preferences.

Recognising the pursuit of greatness, HDD Group recommended Escape Fitness to kit out the training environment, because of the brand’s reputation for high quality, trailblazing kit that looks great and delivered on performance.

The solution.

Restricted by a small footprint, HDD Group and Escape set about optimising every inch of space to create a multi functioning, performance-driven training space that met a diverse array of needs. Integrated storage solutions keep equipment off the floor and safely stowed away, leaving ample room for dynamic floor-based exercises.

A beautifully engineered, custom-branded outdoor frame sits at the heart of the experience, providing a flexible opportunity for members to engage in functional training while enjoying the many benefits of training in the great outdoors. Prominent features, including monkey bars and squat racks with pull up bars cater to various workout needs with integrated storage houses an array of kit including VERTBALLs and Escape Elite Urethane Bumper Plates.

A Half Squad is also incorporated to create a dedicated lifting zone that doubles as storage space. The Half Squad is equipped with Elite Urethane Bumper Plates, VERTBALLs, Bulgarian Bags, and Competition Pro Kettlebells. Additionally, a Portable Speed Track has been integrated, allowing for challenging Quad Sled pushes and lifting movements with the Corebags. The facility also boasts a collection of dumbbells, completing the comprehensive and well-curated fitness offerings.

A spacious environment.

“By choosing Escape Fitness, we have been able to optimize our space utilization. Escape Fitness offers clever solutions for storing equipment and beautiful racks that create ample training space. As a result, our customers always experience a spacious environment, which they find pleasant and conducive to their workouts. It’s amazing how much space we can maximize, and our customers really appreciate it as it prevents any feeling of constraint during their training sessions.

Owner of Younique Lifestyle

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