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Workouts for forearms and core strength - Blog.

The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

Workouts for forearms and core strength

Using just a GRIPR and your bodyweight, the exercises below are great examples to include in any workouts for forearms and core strength.

Follow the instructions from Andy Phillips, head of training at Escape Fitness, to progress every muscle in your body with the great GRIPR workout.

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What is a GRIPR?

Also known as a sandbell, a GRIPR is a cross between a sandbag, kettlebell and dumbbell. The micro-grade steel sand in its fully-sealed, double-stitched neoprene bag means that it shifts as you work out with it. Using a GRIPR, you're actively training grip and forearm strength with every exercise.

It's a challenging free weight that moves in different ways to traditional training tools, but can be used in the same exercises. You can curl, press, throw, slam (as it won't damage flooring), and even clean or perform other barbell exercises with heavier GRIPRs.

If you want to try more workouts for forearms, core strength and full body fitness, buy a GRIPR here.

The Great GRIPR Workout.

This is the full workout for home or in the gym. Andy leads you through each exercise and timing, offering both regressions and progressions to suit and challenge any fitness ability. Check out the YouTube video above for full details of each movement.

The Great GRIPR Workout is three exercises of 60 seconds work with 20 seconds rest, for three rounds. The exercises are:

  • Press-up GRIPR flip.
  • Reverse lunge with rotation.
  • GRIPR swing (just like a kettlebell swing).

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About Andy Phillips.

Andy Phillips, head of training and content development for Escape Fitness, has presented around the world to inspire others with his passion for training and performance.

He has worked across the fitness industry for 20 years in roles ranging from personal training, to leading fitness activity in gyms, inspiring movement through military fitness outdoors, and educating trainers to better serve clients and gym members alike.

With Escape Fitness, Andy drives the exercise programming and digital fitness initiatives, as well as leading face-to-face training and instructor courses.

Andy knows the importance of consistency for improvement, using quality equipment to get the best from clients and customers.


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