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Whether you take a slight interest in fitness or you’re a fully qualified athletic trainer, we’ve all seen the benefits of exercise using the best equipment available. However, while we know what difference these training frames make to our bodies, we rarely think about how the frames themselves are made.

Steve Patterson is the shop supervisor and senior welder at Escape, responsible for exercise equipment such as the new Octagon HIT HUB range or any functional fitness frame. He’s a master craftsman, able to teach anywhere in the world, and we’ve gone behind the scenes of fitness fabrication to find out what it takes to make a frame worthy of any fitness space.


Working out on a welded work of art.

“A weld is an art form,” explains Steve. “To me it’s a barometer of how good your product is.

“Escape prides itself on its quality, so we’ve got to deliver that quality time and time again, and I believe we do. Quality is a day-to-day thing; it’s got to be consistent time in and time out.

“Welding processes must be followed to the letter. If you’re putting down a good weld, it makes the frame look seamless. If you’re putting down bad welds and leaving them lumpy, the eye is drawn to that and it takes the integrity of the frame away.”

It’s about safety as a priority, as Steve continues:

“If somebody’s on the end of a dip station, if it’s not welded, they’re down! They can seriously hurt themselves. It’s vital that everything is welded as it should be.”


Prepping the part, pre and post weld.

“Each individual part has a different process. First of all, you’ll pick up the parts – a dip station, say – make sure they’re all clean, degreased, and weld prep the joints.”

This involves:

  • Making sure it’s suitable for welding
  • Cleaned correctly after welding
  • Everything deburred so there’s no sharp edges
  • Everything is despattered, ready for painting

“External frames have got a slightly different process. You’ve got to cater for the elements and try to combat them as best you can. We’ll seal off gaps with a hot pastique so water can’t ingress into it and rust from inside out.”


“It’s attention to detail.”

“We can give the frames a different twist, such as an industrial look, which a lot of people like. I like the raw look – it looks good.

“I think Escape frames are top notch. They’re made properly and the painting is outstanding. All the parts we use; all the laser cutting is top quality. They’re put together by well-trained people. We’re very competitive in here. The guys I’ve got are top welders and we try and outdo each other.

“The Escape frames are stylish, they’re elegant – they’re centerpieces. I think they just ooze quality. They are really stand-out pieces. It’s awesome.”


Training frames for any fitness space.

Functional fitness frames continue to grow in popularity in gyms and health clubs of all types, from boutique independents to multi-national chains. With Escape’s expertise and the reassurance that their frames are designed, developed and manufactured in-house, owners and managers can be sure that their Octagon frame will provide members and trainers with years of fitness training opportunities.

Whether your gym is big or small, and regardless of the users’ abilities or fitness plan, we have a range of frames of different sizes to ensure you can choose one that’s just right for your club.

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