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Thinking Outside the Gym:
Beach Container Outdoor Gym Concept. -

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Thinking Outside the Gym:
Beach Container Outdoor Gym Concept.

Outdoor fitness is booming. It is a trend that is here to stay.

Fitness is for everybody, and everybody has a vision of what their ideal fitness space should look like. As the world continues to navigate gym, studio, and club closures, there is a growing enthusiasm for outdoor fitness from seasoned athletes and beginners.

This beach container gym blends both existing and futuristic concepts. It is so much more than simply a cool looking outdoor environment. It is a full-functioning solution that offers something specific for any user—and any fitness level.

beach container gym


Outdoor training is the new concept of working out. Even though their approach to fitness may be different, everybody’s goal is to get in shape.

First and foremost, the environment is not overly intimidating. It is inclusive. It is welcoming.

Featuring pre-programmed spaces, at any point in time, three different workouts could be going on separately. Or individual sections can be combined to become one ecosystem for group training.


Having an outdoor space available for fitness is one thing, but knowing what equipment to feature in an outdoor fitness space presents an entirely different challenge.

Our solutions get people engaged and excited to workout in the elements (or at the beach).

This innovative concept is equipped with the following products:


Interested in bringing an outdoor gym design concept just like this one to life for your gym or home?



beach container gym