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The key to stress relief and success for a business or entrepreneur - Blog.

The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

The key to stress relief and success for a business or entrepreneur

The corporate athlete needs a reliable way to relieve stress and stay on point, every day. So what's the key to stress relief and success for a business or entrepreneur?

Fitness and exercise helps Randall Pich, CEO of active lifestyle brand LVFT, reset. With the Escape STRONGBOX he can relieve stress and ensure he's calm and collected for every business decision that's brought him a life of success at the top.

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Stress relief through exercise.

"Fitness is my stress reliever. It's like a reset. Everyone needs to work out, regardless. You need to relieve that stress.

"If not, the work will kill you; the stress will kill you. You've got to get your anxiety out and get rid of your shakes or butterflies, especially in the middle of the day. When I'm done, I'm way more focussed. You're just dialled in. It's such a good relief, not just physically but mentally.

"People consider us a lifestyle brand. I've got make sure that, even when I'm off camera, I'm practicing what I'm preaching. When you're running your business, if you let one part slack off then it's going to start bleeding out. It's the same with fitness. You have to do everything simultaneously to keep everything afloat."

- Randall Pich, CEO of LVFT.

Who is Randall Pich?

CEO and founder of LiveFit apparel, Randall Pich is a serial entrepreneur with a history of multi-million dollar success. Following a clear vision and strong brand values, he’s riding the wave of social media popularity through endless apparel innovation in fashion and fitness.

Learn more about Randall and episode 58 of the Escape Your Limits podcast.

Episode highlights:

  • How vital it is to have a support network, whether it’s growing up or in business, for personal or professional help.
  • Ways to inspire trust from clients and find the need for your business.
  • How a small business goes from popular products and restocking based on supply and demand before suddenly developing a clothing line out of almost nowhere.
  • How deprived areas can provide a sense of hope and a seemingly endless source of success in multiple industries.
  • How easy it is to waste time creating content that doesn’t work, and how important it is to try, test, and react accordingly.


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