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    The HIIT programme that’s a huge hit with trainers and gym owners - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

    The HIIT programme that’s a huge hit with trainers and gym owners

    Group fitness training is more popular than ever. We all know that, when people train together, they go on training together because gym members who train as part of a group are more engaged than those who train on their own.

    Group training cements friendships, encourages a little healthy competition, and keeps people coming back. So why haven’t we all dedicated ourselves to group training exclusively?

    1. Because it’s hard for people of different abilities to train together and get the same benefits.
    2. Because right now, HIIT is massively popular; group sessions don’t really do high intensity impact training very well and the choices are limited.

    Or at least that’s how things used to be...

    MOVE IT – the programme that tightens, tones, burns calories, builds body strength


    Introducing MOVE IT

    Escape Fitness has created an innovative solution – a new group training programme called MOVE IT.

    MOVE IT is a functional, HIIT training programme that’s suitable for all ability levels. Less experienced members don’t have to catch up with the others. Everyone trains at their own pace and everyone gets consistent results.


    The HIIT programme that’s a huge hit with gym owners



    We’ve just come back from IDEA 2016 in Los Angeles, USA, where we showcased a special 10-minute mini-version of the MOVE IT programme. Tommy Matthews, the creator of MOVE IT, gave attendees an exclusive sample of the MOVE IT experience in one high-octane burst.

    And the reaction? We asked Tommy to tell us more:

    “When your booth is clearly the busiest in the show and people are actually working out on it rather than standing around watching, I think that's a good sign that we've got the MOVE IT programme just right!

    Groups were flooding in to give it a go. High fives and smiling faces were a-plenty at the end of each session. Lots of glowing feedback: 'That's awesome,’ ‘That's so cool,’ and ‘This is such a great workout!’ Guys and girls all got involved and the clever session design showed everyone how easy it is to work with large groups in a small functional area.”


    MOVE IT – the programme that tightens, tones, burns calories, builds body strength


    How does MOVE IT work?

    The MOVE IT programming, equipment packs and floor markings are all available together, or separately. So you can configure the ideal solution for your gym.

    The training space is divided into separate zones and clients move from zone to zone using a wide variety of functional training equipment, including Kettlebells, Corebags, Bulgarian Bags, Sandbags, GRIPRs and CMTs.

    The programme comes in two versions, with two time-saving sessions that conveniently fit into a clients’ lunch hour:

    • MOVE IT 30 – A quick HIIT burst covering four zone escalators in just half an hour.
    • MOVE IT 45 – A full strength HIT session covering six zone escalators in 45-minutes.

    The zone escalators increase the session intensity, taking clients into ever more efficient calorie burning phases as they progress.


    MOVE IT – the programme that tightens, tones, burns calories, builds body strength


    Push your limits

    MOVE IT lets everyone train to their capacity, then move up a level when they’re ready for a bigger challenge.

    The intensity ramps up quickly in the session and delivers a big metabolic effect helping clients to go on burning calories while they carry on with their day.

    And don’t forget, MOVE IT delivers all sorts of benefits beyond calorie burn, including:

    • Improved muscular endurance.
    • Improved aerobic threshold and cardio fitness for greater everyday fitness.


    MOVE IT into EPOC

    If clients want a great cardio workout, MOVE IT will deliver. The programme is designed to push the heart rate up above 80% - that’s when the positive results really stack up. That might sound hard for some of your less experienced members, but MOVE IT makes it fun. It’s varied, it’s fast moving, and it keeps everyone engaged throughout the 30 or 45 minute session.

    Everyone knows that the harder they work, the greater the results will be. So there’s no pressure. Everyone takes responsibility for their own achievements.

    And the best bit?

    MOVE IT delivers a huge post-workout buzz. Clients will get a big adrenaline high – and better still, they’ll go on burning calories after their workout. Work hard enough and MOVE IT takes you into the EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) phase.

    What could be better than burning calories after a workout? They’ve left the gym, they’re on their way home and they’re still burning calories, hard.

    Better yet, with the greater variety of equipment, the sense of a shared experience, and the feeling of achievement, MOVE IT is also more fun than other HIIT workouts.

    MOVE IT – the programme that tightens, tones, burns calories, builds body strength


    The big benefits of MOVE IT

    Tommy Matthews explains: “Space in most clubs is at a premium, so functional training areas need to be multi-purpose. MOVE IT is designed to create a functional training area that is still ready to go for personal training sessions. The training itself is another challenge. How can a club ensure that functional training is delivered consistently and successfully? With its ready-to-run workouts, MOVE IT ensures consistency of delivery, no matter which PT runs the session. MOVE IT cam also help improve job satisfaction. PTs can take on the role of training champion, with extra responsibility and the potential for extra income.” Crucially the ownership of the programme is retained by the gym or studio, so in the event that the PT leaves, MOVE IT carries on completely unaffected.”


    Get ready to MOVE IT!

    If you want to find out more about MOVE IT, let us know. You can email us on sales@escapefitness.com or call us on one of these numbers:

    UK: +44 (0)1733 313 535

    USA: +1 (614)-706-4462

    Germany: +49 (0)2921 590 10 70