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Step Inside This Barn Gym Conversion — It Will Blow Your Mind. - Blog.

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Step Inside This Barn Gym Conversion — It Will Blow Your Mind.

Modern meets rural: This early 1900’s style wooden barn gym is something truly special.

If you were to travel through rural areas of America or Europe, the red barns that dot the landscape would be impossible to miss.

The bright crimson red barns, often with white trimmings on the windows, are distinctive, especially when highlighted against the green backdrop of rolling hills, corn fields, or silhouetted against a bright blue sky.

Over the centuries, the iconic farm barn has taken on many forms for many purposes.

Since Escape is in the business of fitness, this one has been converted into a very impressive gym.

It sits on a large piece of land in the countryside that allows for some serious training variety. 

barn gym conversion

Contemporary Aesthetic Complements Functional, Clean Lines.

Essentially this beautiful modern barn gym was designed specifically to be an all-in-one home gym featuring cardio, functional training, and free weights.

It features our latest and greatest gear, including:

Our designer broke a sweat dreaming this one up. Now it's your turn. Grab your gym bag. It's GO time.

Do you have a gym design idea like this one that you’d like to bring to life?



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