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Escape recently revealed the secret to quality control, unveiling its recent move to a larger, new manufacturing facility for product creation and assembly.

However, there’s more to quality control than the location products such as dumbbells are made. It’s what’s in the products that counts, and where those materials come from.

Why Escape Fitness went bespoke

“We used to buy dumbbells from other factories, just like most other people do,” explains Escape co-founder, Matthew Januzsek. “When we had an idea, we took it to people who were making dumbbells; they’d make it for us and we’d sell it. The problem with that is there’s no quality control and everybody’s doing the same thing.

“The only way we could get a product that’s good enough to put our brand on it is to set up our own factory.”

Keeping dumbbell production under control

Sometimes, even with the best will in the world from business owners, the manufacturing process isn’t as transparent as they’d hope. Matthew continues to explain some of the pitfalls faced in manufacturing fitness equipment such as dumbbells and freeweights.

For obvious reasons, [some suppliers] don’t always want to tell you what’s in the product itself – the materials and the glues they use, or the processes. Sometimes they have them and sometimes they don’t have any processes, it’s just random.

“There’s a lot of things that we buy in. Again, most people don’t have the controls over those factors.

“The rubber that we use on our weights, that’s a special formula. We used a British company called RAPRA, which is the Rubber And Plastics Research Association. They came up with a special formula for us because we wanted our rubber to do certain things – to be durable, not too hard and not too soft, to last a long time and not to break down – so we went to them and paid for them to create this special formula for rubber. Then we found a factory here that could make it exactly the same, time after time.”

Find out for yourself

“Escape Fitness are proud to be one of the few companies that manufacture our own functional training equipment in our own TÜV Certified facility that meets international standards for quality, safety and working conditions,” explains Matthew.

“As well as the UK manufacturing facility that makes the Octagon line of functional frames, we also design and manufacturer freeweights in our own facility in China. Many brands make the claim, but less than a handful actually do it.

“We are proud to have recently opened the doors of our new facility, so please check out what goes into making a dumbbell… I’m sure it’s not what you think.”

Visit the Escape Fitness manufacturing facility

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