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Rockstars of Sanctuary Fitness: The Sabrina Antoinette workout - Blog.

The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

Rockstars of Sanctuary Fitness: The Sabrina Antoinette workout

Whether it's a bodyweight workout in your home gym space or exercises with equipment that you're after, Sabrina Antoinette runs this 20-minute routine for both. You can also regress or progress every movement depending on your own fitness ability. Join Sabrina for a challenging workout, suitable for anyone.

In this joint partnership with Escape Fitness and Sanctuary Fitness, below you'll find a great workout that will challenge any ability. Whether you exercise at home, outdoors or in the gym, follow the instruction in the video below and get moving.

Check out the movements listed below or just follow the video. Don't forget to shop for any gym equipment you need, or simply find an alternative around the home.

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What gym equipment do I need?

After a warm up of stretching and bodyweight movements, this workout uses the GRIPR and the DECK. However, you can always supplement these training tools if you don't have them with any weighted object (within safety common sense) or other kinds of bench and step platforms if you need to. Or, simply perform bodyweight movements.

What exercises are in the workout?

Below you'll find the movements and exercises involved in the Sanctuary Fitness workout, including a warm up before getting in to the main routine. It's important to watch the video above and follow the instruction of Coach Sabrina to maintain good form and rest when required.

Most of all, enjoy the Escape Fitness x Sanctuary Fitness workout!

Warm up

  • Boxer shuffles.
  • Plank toe-taps.
  • Reverse lunge into front lunge.
  • High knees.
  • Plyo lunges.

GRIPR side presses.
High plank hop-overs.
Weighted bridges / Hold / Pulse.
Squat jacks.
Step lunges and press.
Tricep dips.
Bench squat jumps.


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