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    Pull, push, push-up and press in this anaerobic workout part two - Blog.

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    Pull, push, push-up and press in this anaerobic workout part two

    Our last WoW (Workout of the Week) video was part one of a two-parter on anaerobic conditioning. Now it’s time for part two that introduces more exercises, with even more variety for challenging the anaerobic system.

    You can use these two WoWs as separate workouts, or piece them together as two sets in the same workout. Either way, you are in for a superb challenge that is incredibly rewarding. Go to it!

    Upper and lower body both pushed to the limit

    This is all about pushing people to the limits of lower body and then upper body fatigue due to the time spent in their anaerobic energy systems. On top of this, the exercise will focus on certain muscles groups. This means that – if performed at the right intensities – local muscular exhaustion should be experienced.

    You (or your clients if you are a PT) should complete each exercise with a weight that allows you to move quickly to get your heart rate to increase rapidly.

    This is a set of four exercises structured like this:

    • For each exercise, work for 30 seconds and then take 15 seconds to transition to the next exercise.
    • At the end of each set, take 60 seconds of rest.
    • Complete three sets.

    Here are a few notes to back up what you see in the video:

    Sled Pull – Seated

    • In a seated position with upright torso, hold the rope and pull the sled towards you.
    • Keep the feet on the floor to maintain stability.
    • Reach out and twist the torso each time you grab the rope to recruit more muscle groups.

    Push-up on Multiplyo

    • Place the hands on the front edge of the Multiplyo.
    • Keep the body straight and the chest over the box while performing push-ups.
    • For greater intensity, accelerate with speed and leave the box on the upward phase.

    Sled Horizontal Shoulder Press

    • Place the hands on the upright bars of the sled.
    • Adopt a horizontal torso position and anchor the feet into the floor.
    • Rapidly push the sled away from you using your arms.
    • Walk forwards and reset to repeat.

    Sandbag High Pull Release.

    • Holding the Sandbag, hinge at the hip and start to pull the bag upwards.
    • Drive up in the lower body and pull the bag past the chest.
    • At the top of the pull release the bag and leg it fall to the floor.


    Kit your gym out for anaerobic conditioning

    You can check out the products featured above on our website: Escape’s Quad Sled, Battle Rope, Multiplyo and Sandbag are all you need for this great anaerobic workout. Or talk to our sales team – email us at sales@escapefitness.com or give us a call on:

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