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Outdoor gym designs that rival any indoor fitness space - Blog.

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Outdoor gym designs that rival any indoor fitness space

Outdoor fitness has suddenly become a staple for gyms around the world. Giving members the option to work out in fresh air is the only way to combat government lockdown decisions and other pandemic problems.

In partnership, the teams at Rival Fitness and Escape worked to create an incredible fitness space with innovative fitness equipment, container storage and versatile frames for multiple member benefit.

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Work hard, play hard.

Rival Fitness has taken an exciting approach to creating exciting fitness spaces with Escape that stand out above the competition.

"Our core principle is to create a unique environment that's inviting, fun, and feels more like a playground than an actual gym to work out in," explains co-owner of Rival, Taylor Setar.

"The equipment is key to the experience. Members like to see the colors, the uniqueness, and everything is 100% durable. That plays tremendously to the member experience."

What's in this gym design?

A couple of MONO athletic training frames give members socially distanced strength training functionality for any barbell lift exercise, along with pull up bars for bodyweight challenges.

Opposite the MONO frames at the other end of the workout space, two Octagon T1 cross training frames offer pull up and dip stations for members. Fitted to the bottom of the frame is also a torso trainer for anchored dynamic movements.

Between the two fitness frames, Rival Fitness is able to run innovative group training programmes using a range of functional fitness tools such as:

  • TIYR Sport
  • Medicine balls
  • Bulgarian bags
  • Corebags
  • Sandbags
  • CMT

Creating experience, inside and out.

Rival partnered with Escape on this outdoor fitness space following success with the brand's indoor gym in the past. Based in Middlesex, NJ, in the USA, Rival offers its members a stand-out fitness experience with strength training, personal training sessions, group fitness classes, body composition testing, and passionate community spirit.

Your gym design, your way.

Create your dream gym design for your home or for your members – just request a quote. Tell us what you need and the Escape team will work with you to make your vision a reality.


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