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Outdoor fitness for workouts with family and friends - Blog.

The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

Outdoor fitness for workouts with family and friends

This outdoor gym design not only has fitness equipment for strength training and demanding workouts, but a family fitness and friends approach that's more than just about big lifts.

Based on an Octagon HTS body conditioning training frame and additional gym equipment, this outdoor fitness space offers bespoke body benefits for every one of the customer's needs.

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Fun home fitness to a professional standard.

"There were two sides of this outdoor gym design that we needed to consider,” explains Lisa Starkey, regional account manager for Escape Fitness. “The concept required both a personal and professional thought process. The client wanted an Octagon HTS for an outdoor home gym, but it needed to be built to include elements suitable for both adults and kids to work out with.

"That's why we included the more traditional lifting stations with squat racks, mixed with the fun elements of functional fitness using wall targets.

"We wanted to get as many features on the frame as possible. The customer also wanted to work out with friends when they visited, hence the space for two squat racks and room for multiple boxing bags."

Colour-coded gym equipment for business and pleasure.

While it's a home gym, the customer wanted to tie-in the colour of the frame's details with his business' branding. In order to facilitate this gym design consistency, Escape Fitness matched the black and gold colour scheme for a complete commercial tie-in.

It's also important for a home gym to fit in with its surroundings, including any other fitness equipment that may already be in place. In addition to the Octagon HTS frame, Escape provided TIYRs, plates, and even a storage wall to match the customer's indoor gym.

Fitness equipment for outdoor workouts.

There's so much workout variety included in this functional fitness frame, with space for multiple users at the same time. Some of the features include:

  • Raised pull-up bar.
  • Monkey bars.
  • Boxing attachment.
  • Torso trainer.
  • Battle rope attachment.
  • Squat racks.
  • Adjustable dip station.


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