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New product launches not to be missed at LIW, UK - Blog.

The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.

New product launches not to be missed at LIW, UK

We’re heading to Leisure Industry Week (in the UK) later this month and we can’t wait. One of the particularly enjoyable things about any show is the chance it gives us to show off some new products. In some cases, the products we make are driven by the feedback we get at events like LIW, so going back and being able to say, ‘You asked for it; we made it,’ is always very satisfying.

This time – after a few years away from LIW – we’ve got lots of surprises lined up for the circa-9,000 attendees. And we’re especially excited about unveiling our FunXtion station, and a series of new Functional Frames.

Escape launch new products at UK's Leisure Industry Week

Excited about frames? Really?

To us, a Functional Frame is a unique training environment, and an essential part of the gym experience. The right frame in the right environment makes a statement. So we create frames that enhance gyms and training spaces. Frames that will fit in anywhere – in cramped spaces and corner spaces.

The Escape Functional Frame range has grown massively since we were last at LIW. A few years ago, we had a core Functional Frame range of three. Now it’s in excess of 25 different frames. And that is partly thanks to requests from clients. We’ve been asked, and inspired to extend the type, and range, and capability of the frames we make.

That’s why our Functional Frame range also includes very specifically targeted frames for specialist gyms. So for example, the Octagon HTS Boa Role is the ideal choice for fight fit gyms. Frames can also demarcate different parts of the training space. The HTS 90 frame turns a corner of the gym into a functional training area.

Other frames are designed with maximum versatility in mind. So you can carry out a range of different functional fitness routines using the Octagon frames. And you can check out a couple of our Workout of the Week below showing you different ways to workout around frames.

The message that we’re getting, loud and clear, is that people want frames that are as useful as possible. So they don’t just demarcate a space in the gym, they don’t just provide the right environment for training sessions; they provide storage options too. With that in mind, we designed frames like the HTS series that provide built-in shelving without increasing the footprint of the frame.


The FunXtion experience

Something else that we expect to generate a lot of interest at LIW is the new Function Experience suite of products. The 55” FunXtion Experience Station touchscreen is a bit of a looker – and it’s sure to draw the crowds. And when they see exactly what it can do, we think there’s going to be a lot of love in the room.

We’ve all seen how the popularity of wearable technology plays into the shared fitness experience – and FunXtion is a great example. Comprising a touchscreen station that syncs via an app to a website and wristband, FunXtion utilises technology to help people learn any one of hundreds of exercise workouts and challenges, with or without a personal trainer. That makes FunXtion a great prospect for a lot of the non-fitness specialists who come to LIW. Because it’s so very easy to use, it can be used everywhere, even in hotels and leisure facilities that don’t always have their own personal training staff.

The FunXtion suite of products also taps into the trend for recording and sharing fitness information. The easy-sync functionality of the FunXtion system means that exercisers can share their exercise data with friends and challenge them to beat their best scores. Individual leader boards can inspire exercisers to push for another rep or go one more round. And it’s easy to collate data for selected activities across the gym and compare the scores in one gym with scores in another. It’s all part and parcel of creating a participative gym experience.

Escape launch new products at UK's Leisure Industry Week

Launching MOVE IT

LIW will also be the official UK launch of MOVE IT… our new, high intensity, functional training programme. Unlike other HIIT programmes, this is a calorie-burning, group fitness session that’s suitable for all abilities.

We’ve prepared a special mini MOVE IT taster session exclusively for LIW, run by the man behind the programme, Escape master trainer, Tommy Matthews.

New product launches not to be missed at LIW, UK

Bringing innovation to a wider audience

When we go to shows like LIW we want to showcase the breadth of our product range and demonstrate our uniqueness. Visitors want fresh ideas; they want to see things that they haven’t seen before. So, although they come from completely different product ranges, the Functional Frames, the FunXtion Experience suite and the MOVE IT programme all show off our desire to give users more choice and more innovation.

Perhaps the biggest part of our job at events like LIW is to challenge people to think in ways they haven’t thought before. Both the FunXtion Experience suite and our Functional Frames suggest new possibilities. For example, the right frame can open a space up. Or designate a specific kind of training area. Or take care of storage. Or expand workout capacity.

The FunXtion Experience Station can completely revolutionise the kind of training offering that small or large facilities can provide. It can even be used in environments that don’t benefit from a full-time PT.

Escape launch new products at UK's Leisure Industry Week

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about our Functional Frame range, or the Funxtion Experience suite, just get in touch. You can email us at [email protected] or call us on:

UK: +44 (0)1733 313 535
USA: +1 (614)-706-4462
Germany: +49 (0)2921 590 10 70