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Quality worthy of the Escape brand name. That’s what Escape’s recent move to a new, larger manufacturing facility in Haimen, China means. It gives us maximum quality control in the production and sourcing of our custom-made raw materials – guaranteeing we deliver our clients superior quality and usability across our free weights like dumbbells, kettlebells and discs.

“We put our products through rigorous testing so our clients can be sure they will perform and last better than most other products on the market. The full control over production we’ve gained through our new Asian facility is essential to achieving the workmanship and quality we demand.”

With our newest factory halfway across the world from most of our clients, we thought it was important to show it. So in the video below Matthew Januszek hosts a walk-through of both the factory and processes.

“We earned our spot as one of the world’s largest suppliers because we manufacture our own product, which is proven – we know the market and the production precision that must be maintained to meet our own high expectations. A lot of production facilities talk quality and consistency – but they don’t deliver which is why you rarely get to see inside their factories.”



What makes us different?

  • Escape’s factories meet strict ethical and environmental standards and Escape is the only commercial accessories provider working in Asia to have Strategic Environmental Approval (SEA), as well as being quality audited by SGS and TUV for our dumbbells.
  • From facility design to finished product – Escape’s new Asian factory uses the same exacting standards as we use in the UK.
  • Our production lines, lighting, flooring and processes are pristine and precise.
  • We source our own specialized, custom-made raw materials unique to our brand. For example, the rubber used in products like the dumbbells has been specially formulated to be hardwearing, long lasting, and have the right density – and, it’s produced in a consistently accurate way.


Why are these things important? Because, in part, they empower us to deliver attractive, durable, superior products that standout and support good corporate ethics while helping clubs, boutiques and studios worldwide avoid the frustration of costly replacements, downtime and dissatisfied members.

We hear from clients everyday that one of the many reasons they choose us is because we give them equipment that looks great and stands up to the toughest punishment. Consistently providing this type of ultimate performance and value takes the level of attention to quality and detail in you’ll find in our manufacturing and production processes and facilities.