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Meet the Rockstar leader of Brainstorm Fitness - Blog.

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Meet the Rockstar leader of Brainstorm Fitness

George-Anthony of Brainstorm Fitness in San Diego is a former drill instructor with a keen attention to detail. In this Escape Rockstars episode he's explained how his philosophy is to make you better at things out of the gym. This workout will do just that!

You'll see the Escape DECK 2.0 in the video but you can use any step and platform equipment for these workouts that challenge your whole body.

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Push yourself like a Marine.

“Our philosophy here is to make you better at things out of the gym. Whether you're a pro athlete, a fighter, a seasoned gym goer, or you've never worked out a day in your life, my goal is to understand what's important to you.

“I am most known for being fairly intense, and being very, very picky. I spent nine years on active duty with the United States Marine Corps, three of which I spent as a drill instructor. My attention to detail is very sharp and I like to be in control.

“I'm like this for multiple reasons – it keeps all of my clients safe, I'm able to hold you accountable, and it gets you to Escape Your Limits. I'm then able to push you past what you're accustomed to doing because you're comfortable. I'm very good at demanding more of people to make them better.”

Motivation to help in and out of the gym.

“My motivation is really about being able to help people. I have clients that come in that go and live their lives and they say 'Hey, I was able to go on a hike with my spouse today.' I had a client recently that went dog sledding in Alaska. She fell, and she didn't get hurt, and she attributes that largely to what we do here in the gym.

“That's my driving force. To wake up in the morning and know that I can help somebody else to be better; to increase their capacity to increase whatever it is they enjoy doing. That's what keeps me going day to day.

“My secret sauce is speed, volume and intensity, on being demanding. Most of the time, clients aren't accustomed to being pushed. I'm very good at doing that in a safe and effective manner.”

The workouts.

Here are George-Anthony's three workouts from Brainstorm Fitness. Check out the full video above to see options for progression or regression that increase and decrease the difficulty.

The anytime, anyplace workout.

  • Step down.
  • Incline push up.
  • Decline push up.
  • Plyometric jump.
  • Plank around the world.

The traveller's fix.

  • Seated I, Y, T.
  • Bird dog.
  • Hip thrust.

The one move.

  • Lunge and twist, lunge and lean.


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