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What you need to maintain long term weight loss - Blog.

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What you need to maintain long term weight loss

Losing weight is a difficult task to begin with, but keeping the weight off can be an even greater challenge. Many people fall into the vicious cycle of losing and regaining weight repeatedly, a rollercoaster ride both physically and mentally.

Below, you’ll find practical advice from Crystal Dwyer Hanson, Transformational Life Coach and co-author of new book ‘Ask! The Bridge from your Dreams to your Destiny’, who through her years of coaching, understands how to help people make lasting change in their health and wellness, relationships and careers.

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Don’t wrap your identity around your weight.

“Fitness and weight loss are like any other issue in life that you’re trying to change, it requires you to find a deeper understanding about why you’re doing what you’re doing. What I soon realized with every person that I worked with regarding weight loss was that they start to wrap their identity around their weight.

Even if they stick to a programme and consistently lose weight for a while, what they deem as ‘the fat person’ identity is still living inside them, and that’s the person we need to get rid of as part of the weight loss process.

I’ve even had clients that have saved their clothes from their bigger weights…. But when you approach weight loss like that, there’s absolutely no way it can be successful because it's just a temporary fix. People need to look inside, and really look at the deeper problems surrounding their weight.”

Learn to love the foods that love you back.

“You can do any diet for a short amount of time but I want you to love foods more than you ever have before. But key to this, is loving the foods that love you back. The way you get a permanent change in your weight loss is to have a permanent change in your mind and your own awareness.

You have to ask yourself the honest questions to tackle the fears and feelings you have around weight. And then start to understand why those fears are there, whilst realising they are just fears, you can release them and they do not make up your identity.”

Practice mind-excavation.

“The longer you have carried negative feelings about yourself, the more time you need to spend with your subconscious mind to re-balance this. Through a lifetime, in our subconscious mind, we accumulate all of these programmes without realising it’s happening. Any negative, self-defeating messages we receive can affect us. So, we have to go back and do a sort of ‘mind-excavation’ to start to look at the past.

These negative programmes get played over and over, repeating more easily each time, creating these pathways and neural connections. Soon these negative thoughts become a well-worn path which the brain can go down easily, time and time again. The work we do is to try and grow over these paths by replacing them with completely new paths, realising that the old path was faulty.

The more you can begin to identify where negative feelings about yourself started, you can make a deliberate decision to recognise those programmes or statements as a lie and not accept that identity for yourself.”

Make it your business to care for yourself.

“The more you just decide to love being who you are, the happier you’ll be, and in turn, the more successful you’ll be. It’s not about a certain weight or a certain size, that’s why I always tell people to throw away their scales and stop counting calories. It’s about making it your business to care for yourself, giving yourself the best care.

You are important. There are thousands of different body types out there and that’s ok, the most important thing is asking yourself – are you nurturing yourself? The body that you were born with – are you caring for it, appreciating it and loving it?”

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