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    JOIN ESCAPE AT IHRSA 2019 - Blog.

    The latest news, videos and workouts from the Escape Fitness Team.


    This year’s IHRSA fitness expo in San Diego is set to be even more exciting than ever, and Escape is inviting you into the heart of the action.

    Join us on booth number 1432 to discover how we’re bridging the gap between exercise and experience, with workouts free goodies and demos of the latest functional fitness equipment including the Octagon HIT HUB range, the MARS screen, the STRONGBOX and the latest programming and education developments.

    We can all learn from each other at IHRSA, so join us at the San Diego Convention Center between March 13-16.


    What’s happening at IHRSA fitness expo this year?

    On booth 1432 you’ll find the newest innovations in functional fitness and plenty of chances to get moving alongside us.

    You can see demos and take part in workouts from:

    • The founder of the World Calisthenics Organization, Brendan Cosso
    • Calisthenics 3x Middleweight World Champion, Chris “Tatted Strength” Luera
    • Creator of the Bulgarian bag and training innovation, Ivan Ivanov
    • Author, education director for Faster Health and Fitness and queen of the CMT, Jo Groves
    • The Escape trainer team and more!


    Escape at IHRSA 2019 – booth number 1432


    Join us for a workout at IHRSA 2019


    Ask the experts at the heart of product innovation

    Not only will our Master Trainers and members of the team be on hand to guide you through all things Escape or talk about the latest trends, our team of sales representatives will be available to discuss your specific needs and facilitate the next evolution of your fitness offering.

    Want to revitalise your workouts and programming for members, clients and customers? Join Escape at IHRSA 2019 to bridge the gap between exercise and experience. Booth 1432. March 13-16, San Diego. CA.

    For more fitness industry show news throughout the year, check out the blog homepage.