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    International fitness consultant, Barry Ennis on the importance of sharing information - Blog.

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    International fitness consultant, Barry Ennis on the importance of sharing information

    As an international fitness consultant currently working out of Shanghai, China, Barry Ennis has travelled the world and gained endless experience on what makes communities work and businesses thrive.

    In his episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, Barry discusses the market differences between the east and the west, how he’s instructed, trained, encouraged, recruited and developed businesses in many markets and, perhaps most importantly, why knowledge sharing is key to success.

    Why sharing information is important in fitness

    The main reason for withholding information from others is fear of letting the competition know how we do things, or that someone else will succeed at something in the same way you have and therefore become competition.

    However, helping people is never anything less than beneficial for the whole community. This is especially true when the focus of what we all do in fitness should be to better the lives of the clients and members that we train.

    In his own podcast – Fitness Career Mastery – Barry Ennis has the perfect platform to share his own experiences of Asia and how that market differs from what we know in the west. On top of this, his guests can lend insight from their own experience and insight for the betterment of every listener. Through popularity it’s become a business opportunity in its own right, although it didn’t start out that way.

    "I personally feel like there is sometimes an attitude of hoarding information within the fitness industry,” explains Barry. “I wanted to set an example of how we should share everything that we know because, ultimately, we’re all here because we want to make the lives of people better.

    “If that’s really what we care about the most then we should be happy to share – maybe not proprietary information if you’re a gym or a studio – information that allows others excel as well because that ultimately allows us to have more impact on more people."


    Entrepreneurial impact

    Impact is something that's hard to come by in these days of ‘digital everything’ being to hand at any given moment. Finding something different, or something that a social group can tag on to as a movement, can usually only be achieved by a combination of great content, great content and luck.

    However, genuine community can create a culture of sharing for maximum engagement and impact, if people work together.

    "I feel like I, as an individual instructor, have the potential to reach probably a few thousand or even a million people if I’m lucky,” Barry continues, “…but if I’m able to educate others on how to be a better quality trainer or how to provide more of an experience that changes people’s lives then, all of a sudden, my ability to reach the lives of clients just exponentially grows."

    To listen and watch the full episode of Escape Your Limits, visit the podcast links page and choose your preferred platform, whether it’s iTunes, Android, YouTube or more.