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How to master the bear crawl exercise - Blog.

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How to master the bear crawl exercise

Whether you're warming up for a full bodyweight workout at home, or you just want to improve your strength and core stability, the bear crawl is perfect.

Below you'll learn how to master the bear crawl exercise with Andy Phillips, head of training at Escape Fitness.

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What is a bear crawl?

The bear crawl... This is one of my favorite exercises! It utilizes the whole body; it allows you to work at your own pace, but it's also got great progressions and regressions. It's important to set yourself up correctly.

Make sure your wrists, elbows and shoulders are in-line; that you've got a nice long torso, with 90-degree bends at the hip, knee and ankle. As you move forward and back, alternate your arms and legs. Try not to let your hips sway from side to side and don't rush the movement.

How to make a bear crawl easier.

Regressing an exercise is just a way of simplifying it so you can train and build up to the full movement in your own time.

A regression of the bear crawl is to simply hold the starting position statically. With the wrist, elbow and shoulder in-line again, that 90-degree bend at the hip, knee and ankle, hold the position nice and tight, keeping your body still.

How to make the bear crawl harder.

Progressing an exercise is just a great way of offering a further challenge once you've mastered the original movement.

A progression of this is adding a GRIPR to the bear crawl. As you move forward in the bear crawl position, toss a GRIPR ahead of you and crawl towards it. On your return, pull the GRIPR back as you bear crawl in reverse.

About Andy Phillips.

Andy Phillips, head of training and content development for Escape Fitness, has presented around the world to inspire others with his passion for training and performance.

He has worked across the fitness industry for 20 years in roles ranging from personal training, to leading fitness activity in gyms, inspiring movement through military fitness outdoors, and educating trainers to better serve clients and gym members alike.

With Escape Fitness, Andy drives the exercise programming and digital fitness initiatives, as well as leading face-to-face training and instructor courses.

Andy knows the importance of consistency for improvement, using quality equipment to get the best from clients and customers.


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