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How to get the biggest benefits from gymnastic rings - Blog.

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How to get the biggest benefits from gymnastic rings

So much more than just competition equipment, olympic or gymnastic rings can play a huge part in any fitness routine and should be a staple of every gym or home fitness set-up.

George-Anthony of Brainstorm Fitness gives us his expertise, opinion and favourite workout moves from the Olympics and bodyweight exercise essential, the WOD Rings.

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What makes the WOD Rings special?

“They're a little bit different than traditional gymnastic rings in that the strap is adjustable. So when you get this kit it comes with a plastic ring that's very, very strong; two carabiners, and the strap has very durable stitching. There's a pattern that's very similar to a daisy chain rope used for climbing, and it's just as strong.

“The big part is that the strap has separate segments. This makes it very easy to adjust height and length. The other nice thing is that it has these numbers on the front side, so we're not guessing if one strap is equal to the next.”

- George-Anthony Dulal-Whiteway, founder of Brainstorm Fitness.

Favourite WOD / Olympic rings exercises.

Some of George-Anthony's favourite movements to perform with the WOD Rings are listed below, and don't forget that the rings can be used as a pair or individually depending on your exercise and movement needs.

  • Assisted pistol squat, using the rings as a regression for the popular but challenging lower body exercise.
  • Superman, stretching to feel the benefit on core muscles, using the WOD Rings for stability.
  • Modified Olympic ring dip, adjusting the WOD Rings so that you can keep both feet on the floor while you get a full range of motion into the movement before pressing back up.

“One of the things I like most about the WOD Rings is their versatility. You don't have to just dip, or you don't have to just do pull-ups. We're able to do a bunch of different exercises with them, whether that's core, upper body or lower body.”

Who is George-Anthony?

George-Anthony of Brainstorm Fitness in San Diego is a former drill instructor with keen attention to detail. In his Escape Rockstars episode he explains how his philosophy is to make you better at things out of the gym.


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